POSITION TITLE: Client Services Director

General Description: 


The Client Services Director (CSD) supports, directs, and evaluates the counseling services of Life Net/Care Net of Missoula and the work of the volunteers and lay counselors. By directing the non-medical, counseling outreach of Life Net/Care Net of Missoula, the CSD ensures that each client receives helpful and caring support from a well-trained, volunteer pregnancy consultant. The CSD ensures that each client is offered accurate, pertinent information, has access to appropriate clinic services and outside referrals, and benefits from appropriate follow-through from Life Net/Care Net of Missoula staff and volunteers. The CSD supports directs and coordinates the Life Steps Program, ensuring that clients receive pregnancy and parenting education from a well-trained Life Steps Consultant. 25 hours per week with the potential to develop into full-time.




  • Expresses full agreement with Care Net of Missoula Pregnancy Support Center’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies and procedures, and mission statement.

  • Bachelor’s degree in education, nursing, psychology, youth work, counseling, social work or related work experience equivalent.

  • Previous experience with non-profit development is preferred.

  • Exemplifies dependability, stability, professionalism, and follow-through.

  • Sincerely desires to reach out with compassion, care and truth to those who seek assistance.

  • Would never refer or advise a woman to obtain an abortion.

  • Is able to uphold strict confidentiality.

  • Has acquired experience or education pertinent to the duties of being a pregnancy options consultant.

  • Exhibits skill in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and problem solving.

  • Shows spiritual maturity.

  • Provides mentoring and support to the volunteers.




  • Reviews and updates volunteer policies and procedures in coordination with the Executive Director.

  • Maintains a working knowledge of life-affirming consultation methods and related information.

  • Collaborates with other staff members in the maintenance of physical and electronic records for clients and volunteers.

  • Covers or helps to cover volunteer positions/responsibilities when a volunteer is unavailable.

  • Advises Executive Director on potential expansions and updates in psychosocial and material services that would further the organizational mission.

  • Organizes, evaluates and purchases all client literature.

  • Oversees the Life Steps program (which has gone remote), including a thorough and ongoing knowledge of  BrightCourse curriculum, and maintaining communication and training of Life Steps Volunteers.


Counseling Care:
  • Develops and oversees all volunteer training and orientation.  Make sure that all volunteers are properly trained under the requirements of our Care Net and Heart Beat International affiliations.

  • Organizes, directs, supervises, and evaluates volunteer personnel 

  • Trains all Pregnancy Consultants and Life Steps Mentors.

  • Conduct the initial interview, tour, and recruitment of qualified volunteers.

  • Counsels clients and ensures proper client follow-through, in conjunction with nursing staff. 

  • Develops and acquires resources and educational materials suited to clients needs. 

  • Coordinates with Nurse Manager to provide seamless, integrated care for each client.

  • Provides peer counseling and services for clients when volunteers are not available.

  • Assesses and evaluates volunteer performance and facilitates yearly/as needed evaluations of volunteers.

  • Follows biblical principles for confrontation when the need arises.

Staff Development:
  • Conduct the recruitment of qualified volunteers for development (website, social media, marketing, newsletters, and fund-raising events)

  • Organizes and oversees all continuing education and in-services for volunteers (at least 12 hours per volunteer each year).

  • Maintains volunteer communication through email or monthly newsletter

  • Provides one-on-one support for volunteers as they face challenges in the course of their service.

  • Coordinates the planning of the annual volunteer appreciation event.

Public Relations:
  • From time to time, represents the clinic in the community, as delegated by the Executive Director 

  • Maintains a working relationship with agencies, physicians, churches and organizations that refer clients or accept referrals from the center.

Personal Development:
  • May attend conferences, classes and seminars that offer training and information pertinent to Care Net of Missoula Pregnancy Support Center's mission 
  • Increases knowledge of management and client-related issues

  • Assists in fund-raising events as needed

  • Procures and or writes testimonies for monthly newsletters


Interested candidates can email their resume and letter of interest to:



Jennifier Bartlett - Executive Director

1515 Fairview Ave., Suite 250
Missoula, MT  59801