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Endowment for Life

What we do matters!

And we want to make sure we can keep doing it for many years to come —no matter what storms lay ahead.

Life Net of Missoula has been a voice for life, health, and hope in this community for
over 40 years! As long as young people are facing unplanned pregnancies and sexual
health crises, Life Net will continue to have a vital mission. However, providing free
medical, material, and educational resources comes with a cost. With a view to the
future, we have two goals. The first is to ensure Life Net’s long-term financial viability so
that we can weather the lean years without ever sacrificing our service or our support
for the cause of life here in Missoula and the surrounding areas. The second goal is to
build on what we’ve started by establishing an endowment that can one day be utilized
to expand our services as necessary to keep up with the need.

In order to reach these goals, the Life Net Board and Staff have unanimously agreed to
start building an endowment fund. This will, hopefully, be accomplished through a series
of professionally managed advisory investment accounts that are specifically tailored to
meet particular investment strategies designed to grow our capital over time and,
potentially, create a revenue stream. Each account requires a minimum starting fund of
$25,000. We hope to open three of these accounts, which means an initial total
investment of $75,000.

Additionally, we have met with financial professionals who are equipped to assist high-
end donors who would like to support Life Net, but also need help avoiding high estate
taxes. We have access to a team of estate and business planning attorneys who can
help with strategies, such as split-interest charitable giving or gifts of life-insurance,
which could be implemented by attorneys or financial advisors of your choice. If you
would like more information, please contact us. We can set up an appointment with a
qualified financial advisor to see if a charitable gift to Life Net would help your personal
financial plan and long-term goals.

501(c)3 COMPLIANCE STATEMENT: LIFE NET OF MISSOULA has a strict non-profit-sharing policy. After industry-related fees are paid, all investment gains, returns, and/or dividends will be returned to LIFE NET OF MISSOULA for its discretionary use. No Board member, staff person, or volunteer will directly benefit from LIFE NET OF MISSOULA’s investment-related activities. All questions related to financial accountability should be directed to the Board President: Susan Thomas,, 406-830-9796.


DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that returns, gains, and/or dividends are never guaranteed. There is always inherent risk involved with any investment platform that depends on the securities market. Although LIFE NET OF MISSOULA is committed to obtaining and following the best and most recent investment advice from a licensed investment professional, loss of capital is possible.

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